Parish Societies

We invite you to join one of our active service societies. Some groups gather for fellowship and company, while others dedicate their time to activities that support our church and local community. Regardless of which is of most interest to you, each group works together for a common purpose of benefit to all.

Holy Sepulcher Parish Bazaar

The most important Parish event and fundraiser of the year! Usually held in August of each year, an active committee of parishioners teams up to make sure the Bazaar runs smoothly. From planning, scheduling, arranging and designing, the Parish Bazaar Team works in conjunction with the pastor and all Bazaar chairpersons.


Patzun Mission Group

The Patzun Mission Group, established in [year or decade], assists the school and hospital in Patzun, Guatamala. Group members promote awareness of this mission through outreach and various fundraisers. Holy Sepulcher Parish shares in this mission with other parishes in the diocese.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus (K. of C.) is a unique Catholic men’s group that promotes and upholds the values and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church through annual service projects, evangelization and parish-wide events. The Knights of Columbus is an international brotherhood founded in the 1800s by Father McGivney. The Holy Sepulcher Knight’s of Columbus Council meets twice monthly.


The Sociables (formerly known as Smiling Seniors) is a social group for those age 50 and over. The group meets monthly to share a meal, fellowship, and entertainment. They plan various activities and local trips throughout the year.

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul is an international society named after St. Vincent de Paul, a French priest who spent his life ministering to the poor and under privileged in Paris, France. This society, although it operates apart from the Parish, works in conjunction with the diocese to assist the poor and need in southern Butler County.

Elizabeth Ministry

This unique ministry offers congratulatory meals and baskets to new parents. They also can provide information dealing with natural family planning, as well as other issues such as infertility, adoption, upcoming multiple birth, miscarriage, infant loss, breast feeding issues, or complicated pregnancy. 

For more information, please call the Parish Office at 724-586-7610 or send an email by clicking here.


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