Liturgical Ministries

Church members may participate in the celebration of the Mass as lay ministers. Their roles, functions and ministries enrich our liturgical celebrations and assist the church in prayer. Liturgical ministries at Holy Sepulcher include:


Click here for the February 2020 Eucharistic and Proclaimer Schedule (pdf)

Click here for the February 2020 Altar Server Schedule (pdf)

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Click here for the March 2020 Altar Server Schedule (pdf)


Altar Servers

Students in 4th through 12th grade are encouraged to become Altar Servers. This is a very special ministry that provides assistance to the priest and deacon at Mass. Servers are trained and always serve with a partner for each Sunday Mass. Servers with two years of experience may also serve at Funeral Masses and Weddings.



Lectors proclaim the First and Second Readings at every Sunday Mass. They are trained for this important ministry and play a central role in the liturgy. Lectors are scheduled monthly and are encouraged to assist at weekday Mass and additional Masses throughout the year.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (E.M.O.C.)

Formerly known as Eucharistic Ministers, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (E.M.O.C.) assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. They are chosen by the pastor for this ministry, properly trained and approved by the Diocese of Pittsburgh. E.M.O.C. are scheduled monthly and are invited to assist at weekday Masses as needed. Additional E.M.O.C. are scheduled during Christmas and Easter. E.M.O.C. must be practicing Catholics; if married, should be in a valid marriage; and should have received their sacraments of Initiation. An evening of Recollection is scheduled annually for all E.M.O.C., as well as periodic retraining.


Ushers / Greeters

Ushers / Greeters play an important role at every Mass. Not only do they greet parishioners coming to Mass, they also assist with taking the Weekly Offertory and Second Collections (as needed), and distributing the Sunday Bulletin and the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper. Ushers / Greeters represent the pastor, the parish and the Church in a very special way. Men and women are invited to participate in this ministry. An Usher / Greeter Captain oversees the other Ushers / Greeters at every Mass in order to assure the proper flow of their ministry. Occasional meetings are held to provide updates or changes.

For more information about or to participate in any of these ministries, please call the Parish Office at 724-586-7610 or send an email by clicking here.


At this time, all Masses are cancelled until further notice.


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