Mission Trip 2019

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Every year Life Teen returns from Mission Trip excited and exhausted after an awesome week. Have you ever wanted to grow closer to God? Grow closer to friends (old and new ones)? Grow more into the person you want to be? Mission Trip will change your life and give you an opportunity to serve people you would never otherwise have the chance to meet. HIGH-SCHOOL PARTICIPANTS, COLLEGE STUDENTS, AND ADULT LEADERS are all needed, so think and pray about joining us this summer!


                           > > >   W H A T    D O    I    N E E D    T O    K N O W ?


Mission Trip 2019 will run from June 9-15th in Niagara Falls, NY. The cost per participant is $400 (that includes the $125 deposit). The cost for college and adult leaders is $350. Many missionaries fundraise their total payment through opportunities provided by Life Teen. (Fundraising information will be sent via email upon signing up.)

Any high school students, including freshmen in the fall of 2019, are encouraged to apply. Missionaries work with children's camps, local organizations such as senior homes, soup kitchens, and community gardens, perform home repairs, and more. We cannot confirm exactly what ministries a missionary will be a part of, but we ask that everyone comes with a willing and flexible spirit, knowing that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we can find and love Christ in our neighbor.


                    > > >   W H A T    W I L L    T H E    G R O U P    B E    L I K E ?


We partner with YouthWorks, an organization that hosts dozens of mission trips each summer throughout the United States. Nearly 90 people from Holy Sepulcher, Saint Kilian, and Saint John Neumann (who we team up with) will serve on mission trip this year! High school students of all ages, dedicated college leaders who return each year, and adults with a passion for serving our youth and working alongside them make up our mission trip team!


                               > > >   S T I L L     H A V E     Q U E S T I O N S ? 


Awesome! Joni Mulvaney (holysepym@gmail.com) or Deacon Bob Marshall (rmarshall@saintkilian.org) would love to answer any questions you have about Mission Trip. Our informational meetings for the 2019 trip are past, but if you have already signed up we'll see you for the mandatory final meeting!

Final Meeting (Total Payment Due)

  • Sunday, June 2nd 7:00-8:00 p.m. Holy Sepulcher YYAC (Adult and college leaders meet at 6:00)


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If you would like additional information about mission trip, please call Joni Mulvaney at 724-481-1232. 



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