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What is the IMPACT Team?

The IMPACT Team at Holy Sepulcher is an opportunity for high school men and women who are committed to their faith to grow even further in faith by journeying with one another in prayer and relationship so that they can help other teens come into a deeper relationship with God.  The team’s goal is to positively impact the lives of their peers by inviting them to know Jesus. But because evangelization will only be effective if the team members themselves are striving to be disciples of Jesus, IMPACT first focuses on the personal faith of those on the team.

Important Aspects of the IMPACT Team:

Personal Prayer

In order to be effective witnesses of the Gospel, it is important that the IMPACT Team members are committed to daily personal prayer.  IMPACT Team members commit themselves to personal prayer and challenge one another to remain committed to that daily prayer always.  We can’t tell people about Christ without talking to Him first.

Evangelization means to spread the Good News and members of the IMPACT Team are called to do that constantly, through efforts at the parish as well as in their daily relationships with those around them: school, sports, family, etc. Team members commit themselves to sharing Jesus with those they meet. IMPACT Team members also witness God’s love to their peers by taking on leadership roles in Life Teen and at the parish.

Continued Growth
Members of the IMPACT Team are called to constantly challenge themselves to learn more about their faith and grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. This means a commitment to IMPACT Team meetings, to personal faith, and to taking the challenge to grow in the faith on their own.


The expectations of an IMPACT Team member are:
• Attending IMPACT meetings. To remain eligible an IMPACT Team Member can miss only one meeting per semester. Meetings will be held one to two times per month.
• Attending a minimum of four Life Teen events a month. (Life Nights, Thursday Hang Outs, off campus trips, etc.)
• Attending at least one off campus retreat or conference (Fall Retreat, Steubenville, etc.) during the course of the year.
• Attending Mass EVERY Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation
• Daily personal prayer
• Being open with the other IMPACT Team members and journeying together with them in faith and accountability
• Talking to Joni if there are any issues going on with your faith journey in order to get you any support you may need

How can I join?

Talk to Joni if you're interested in joining! The IMPACT Team meets during the school year so applications are available every Fall as the new school year begins.

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Please come join us for Mass:

Saturdays at 6:00 pm (now-October 27, 2018); 4:00 pm (starting November 3, 2018) and Sundays at 8:00 am & 10:30 am


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