Core Team

What is the Core Team?

The Core Team is a group of adults, some young and others young at heart, without whom Life Teen wouldn't be possible! Core Team members take an active role in being present to our teens. They volunteer much of their time in helping with Life Nights and retreats, being present at events and trips, and most importantly leading our teens closer to our Lord.

What about the Life Support Team?

The other group of adult volunteers without whom Life Teen wouldn't be possible is the Life Support Team! These team members support the ministry through a variety of tasks such as preparing and serving delicious meals, taking photos for the website, or creating exciting environments for a particular Life Night. If you want to serve the youth of the parish, there is no ability or talent that the Lord can't use! Don't hesitate to reach out and get involved!

Meet the Core


         Emily Cunningham

Occupation: High school math teacher

Favorite scripture: Matthew 21:18-22. It's the one where Jesus curses a fig tree because it didn't have any fruit on it when he was hungry, and the tree immediatedly withers. And the disciples were like, "Holy smokes! How'd you do that?" And Jesus tells them that if they have faith and do not doubt, whatever they ask for in prayer, they will receive.

Describe your perfect day: Waking up early, going to mass, not wearing shoes, lounging on a hammock on the beach under a palm tree with my guitar.

           Diane Harrington  

Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs

Best time to pray: I love to pray in the car on the way to work, but my best and most fulfilled prayer time is at Adoration.

Favorite thing about Life Teen: The teens and the lasting friendships I have built with those who have graduated and moved on.

Interests or hobbies: I love to hike, bicycle, kayak, go to the gym, do crafts, garden, travel, and spend time with family.

              Carrie Hartle

Occupation: Stay-ay-home mom of Daniel (8), Judah (7), Zachariah (6), Joshua (4), and Abigail (1). 

Why did you join Core: I was anxious to join a ministry and serve in the Church some way. From all of the stories of fun & spiritually moving experiences Steve had so often told me about, I could tell that God was working through Life Teen, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Describe your perfect day: Spending time with family... and eating out : )

Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice or The Lord of the Rings

            Steve Hartle

Favorite food: Steak

Occupation: Business owner/ Power sports dealer

Favorite scripture: Zephaniah 3:17: The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty savior, who will rejoice over you with gladness, and renew you in his love, who will sing joyfully because of you.

Favorite movie: Braveheart

Favorite thing about Life Teen: Experiencing God's love, and watching other people's faith grow

Interests or hobbies: Sports, books that challenge you, and family time

              Denise Lyons

Best time to pray: Early morning and late night (while walking)

Why did you join Core: I had a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

Share a funny story about yourself: When my kids were young I was making cookies late at night. I was tired and layed down for a minute on the floor and fell asleep. My husband came into the kitchen and thought I died! Nope- just sleeping.

Favorite movie: Top Gun

Favorite scripture: Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

            Maria McTighe

Favorite food: Ice cream and mashed potatoes (not together)

Occupation: Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at RMU

Share a funny story about yourself: When I was in grade school, my room was directly across the hall from my brothers'. We thought it would be cool to be able to see each other while still in our rooms with the doors closed. So we had the bright idea to hammer holes into our doors so we could look across the hallway and talk to each other form our rooms. So we took a hammer and broke a hole in each door about the size of a baseball. Needless to say my parents weren't too happy with us. The holes are still there.


               Ray Schratz

Favorite thing about Life Teen: The love and friendship that is shared by all

Occupation: Operations Manager and I have 7 children

Share a funny story about yourself: When I was working in one of my stores I caught my pants on a shelf and practically ripped them off completely. I had to use duct tape to hold them together!

Describe your perfect day: Spending a day at the beach with my family followed by a nice family dinner

                 Natalie Salibi

Natalie is NEW to the Core Team this year! More info coming soon!

If you have any questions or to get involved, please call Joni Mulvaney at 724-481-1232 or email

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