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Holy Sepulcher Catholic School embarked on a new academic adventure with the introduction of robots into the classrooms. Through the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, Westminster College and our Midwestern Intermediate Unit, our school was able to send Mr. Rechenberg to a teacher’s robotics conference for training and receive 10 free Mindstorm LEGO robots and classroom software for our Media Lab. Our school is blessed to receive these training, robots, and software, valued at over $4000, for free! With the help of local businesses and interested individuals, we hope to secure further donations to purchase the final items needed to round out the program.

Please contact Sister Anna Marie at 724-586-5022 or if you or your company is interested in supporting our robotics curriculum.

Our goal is to use the motivational effects of robots to excite students about science, math and technology. As students take part in computer, math and science classes, they will work in teams to master robotic skills that will increase in difficulty as the year progresses. While learning how to work with a team and share ideas with each other, students will be integrating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. By using a “hands-on,” team approach to learning, our STEM education will teach the students important STEM skills, improve students problem-solving techniques and increase their ability to communicate and work with each other.

Our Robotics Program has two parts — in the classroom and after school. Mr. Rechenberg includes robots in the computer, math and science classes he teaches. Students learn how to use the software to program their robots to complete simple tasks. As students work on each task, they will work in small groups and through this will build the skills needed to share ideas with others, communicate thoughts, and marry their ideas with other’s ideas. We also put into practice problem-solving skills taught in math and science. The amazing part of all of this learning through robots is that it will be so much fun! The challenges students will face will be exciting to overcome. And the idea of working with their classmates will encourage them to participate without them even realizing that a lot of learning is taking place.

The second part of our Robotics Program is an after school Robotics Club for 6th – 8th grades. Our team of robotic engineers will extend their learning in a continued team effort. We hope to continue to bring in experts from the field of robotics to assist students and offer their experience. We have some adults interested in assisting our club.

The Robotics Club generally meets Monday evenings from 6:30 - 8 p.m.

Please let Mr. Rechenberg know if you are interested in being part our Robotics team. Call the School Office at 724-586-5022 or send an email to

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