Lifelong health and fitness are emphasized and reinforced through class discussions and structured activities.


Primary Grades (K-2)

Basic body parts and organs

Foods that keep our bodies healthy

Healthy and unhealthy behaviors

Emergency situations and appropriate responses

Balance, strength, stamina, agility

Eye hand movement & coordination

Dexterity to manipulate objects

Use tools with control and skill to perform tasks

Intermediate Grades (3-5)

Systems of the Body

Cell Systems



Dental Health Month


Respiration and Excretion (5th)
• How the body takes in oxygen
• How the body uses oxygen
• How the body gets rid of cell wastes

Living a Healthy Life
• Communicable diseases
• Non-communicable diseases
• A healthy life style

DARE - drug awareness education taught by a county deputy (5th)

Middle School Grades (6-8)

The Human Body (6th)
• Bones, muscles, and skin
• Digestion

Circulation (7th)
• Respiration and Excretion
• Fighting Disease

The nervous system (8th)
• The endocrine system and reproduction

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