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Holy Sepulcher families can earn money for the school just by making your regular household purchases and paying for them with Scrip gift cards. Instead of paying with cash or credit at the grocery or home improvement store, your favorite coffee shop or clothing store, get and use gift cards available for order through Holy Sepulcher. See a list of stores and business for which you can get gift cards.   Click HERE for a scrip order form.

You buy the gift cards at face value + Holy Sepulcher School buys them at a reduced cost = and the difference is immediate fundraising for the school.

  • Gift cards are ordered every Tuesday morning by 10:00am and delivered on Thursdays. Orders can be picked up Thursday 12:00 noon -4:00pm.
  • The Scrip Gift Card program is ongoing throughout the school year and throughout the Summer months.
  • Tuition Assessment credit from April 1-March 31

If you prefer, you can order Scrip online. Please set up a log in and look through the many companies that offer gift cards. You can order and pay online and the cards will be delivered to the School on Thursdays.  Our GLS Scrip School Code #5L6978F4749

If you would like to order gift cards, or if you have questions about the Scrip gift card fundraiser, please contact the Business Manager, Joan Tosto, at 724-586-7610.

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