Terra Nova Results

Achievement Testing

Terra Nova is a norm-referenced nationally standardized achievement test. Students in 2nd through 8th grade are administered the Terra Nova to measure progress from one year to another. Terra Nova includes content students may not have been specifically taught, but that they could be expected to have mastered according to their cognitive ability.

In the chart below, our Holy Sepulcher Parish School results are listed first followed by the Diocese of Pittsburgh grade equivalent average and then National grade equivalent average for grades 2-8 in reading and math. The scores are excellent and demonstrate the excellent Catholic school education provided to our students at Holy Sepulcher Parish School. This is a reflection of the dedication and talents of our terrific Holy Sepulcher Parish School faculty in connection with the wonderful support and high expectations from our parents and home.

Results Listed as Grade Equivalents

The results for each grade level are listed as grade equivalents.  For example a 5.7 would refer to the grade equivalent of the seventh month in 5th grade.  This is in comparison to all children that took the test in that specific grade and at that age level.  Please keep in mind that each grade level takes a separate Terra Nova achievement test having separate age and grade level norms in determining the results. 

If you have any questions about Terra Nova and testing, please call the School Office at 724-586-5022 or send an email to school@holysepulcher.org.

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