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Students Participating in Liturgy

Catechetics (religious education) is at the center of Holy Sepulcher Catholic School. Our Religion Curriculum invites children into the knowledge of their loving Creator (God), loving Savior (Jesus Christ) and loving sustainer (the Holy Spirit). Using the Sadlier-We Believe series, the children are guided through the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church, celebrating feasts and Holy Days while learning about the lives of the Saints. The goal of the curriculum is to give the children an Incarnational (God is with us) world-view.

Our students participate in

  • weekly Liturgy, where they are altar servers, greeters, lectors, and the choir and cantors, among other duties
  • the sacraments, daily prayer and meditation
  • morality and character development
  • school-wide community service projects
Grade Level Our Religion Programs Are Age Specific
2nd grade Students participate in programs to prepare them to celebrate the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist. They receive instruction in their daily classes, and we celebrate the sacraments as a parish community. 
6th grade Students journey through the Old Testament, learning traditional accounts that are the basis of our Roman Catholic faith. They explore the meanings of these biblical narratives, sagas and parables in light of the Risen Christ.
7th and 8th grade Students study the life of Jesus and Church history. During the study of the life of Jesus, the students consider questions such as: Who am I? Who can I trust? How can I learn to care? How can I handle life's struggles? How can I keep on hoping?
8th grade Students begin sacramental preparation for confirmation, which is received in 9th grade at Holy Sepulcher

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